Stornetta Public Lands, Point Arena, California.Photo credit: John Birchard

The Trust for Public Land conserves the places people in California care about, from our beautiful coasts, deserts, and ranchlands to snowcapped Sierra summits. We also create innovative parks and trails—especially in and around cities, where 80 percent of Americans live, work, and play.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with nature. Research clearly shows that access to nature is an essential prescription for the physical, environmental, social, and economic health of our communities. That’s why we’re working to protect the green places that make California neighborhoods more livable—and more lovable, too.

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California projects

Highlighted Projects:

Ackerson Valley, California

Ackerson Meadow's unrivaled location and scenic beauty have also attracted the attention of developers. Understanding that the threat of development is real, we are working quickly to protect the land as an addition to Yosemite National Park for millions of visitors to enjoy and for wildlife to thrive.

In the fall of 2015, The Trust for Public Land purchased the Preserve's 688 acres from the family that has owned the land for most of the 20th century. The newly established Kashia Coastal Preserve restores coastal access to the Kashia, protects important cultural sites, and provides a place to connect present and future generations of the Kashia with their heritage

Patton Park, Los Angeles

We're helping to create a pocket park for the residents of Echo Park, a dense neighborhood on the edge of downtown Los Angeles where many families with small children live.

Projects (sorted alphabetically):

View from India Basin shoreline park

In 2003, The Trust for Public Land led a community-based process to rethink and update the existing India Basin Shoreline Park. Starting in 2014 we began working with San Francisco Parks and Recreation, the Bayview community, and other partners on a comprehensive plan to extend parks and trails along the entire sweep of India Basin, including the former industrial site at 900 Innes Avenue. The vision is a new park at this site and a revitalized shoreline park system in Bayview.

Ackerson Valley, California

Ackerson Meadow's unrivaled location and scenic beauty have also attracted the attention of developers. Understanding that the threat of development is real, we are working quickly to protect the land as an addition to Yosemite National Park for millions of visitors to enjoy and for wildlife to thrive.

Arcata Community Forest, CA

Established in 1956, Arcata's community forest is the oldest city-owned community forest west of the Rockies.

Arroyo Burron Creek, California

In 2012, Santa Barbara voters overwhelmingly defeated a plan that could have led to the development of Veronica Meadows, once home to the Veronica Medicinal Springs Water Company. For many years, the oak-dotted land along a creek had been a popular place to stroll or commune with nature—so beautiful that it was a favorite location for local artists to set up their easels.

The 25-acre Balboa Park is located in the Excelsior neighborhood, a community with the highest concentration of children in San Francisco. For nearly a century, the park has been a much loved, heavily-used neighborhood resource-and work in progress.

Ballona Wetlands, Los Angeles

In Los Angeles County, where 98 percent of coastal wetlands have been filled in and developed, conservationists worked for three decades to protect the last remnant of the historic Ballona Wetlands near the Los Angeles International Airport.

Bella Vista Park, Oakland, CA

For over six years, TPL worked in collaboration with the city of Oakland and the Friends of Bella Vista Park to transform this bleak asphalt playground into a beautiful green park.

Benito Juarez Park, Maywood, CA

We helped develop  a new third of an acre park on Maywood Avenue. One of California's most densely populated and park-poor cities, Maywood is located on the edge of the Los Angeles River and surrounded by heavy industrial areas.

Until recently, West Oakland's Bertha Port Park featured only a quarter-acre sandy lot, a single tree, and a forlorn blue statue of a dolphin.

Photo of a kid on a swing

Located in the city of Hawthorne, Bicentennial Park is a proposed park renovation that will transform unused and run-down tennis courts into a lively neighborhood park.

Boeddeker Park is located in the Tenderloin, a neighborhood that hosts the highest concentration of people in the city, but which suffers from a critical lack of open space.

Brazil Ranch, Big Sur, CA

Once scheduled for sale as nine development parcels, the ranch was purchased by TPL in 2002 for addition to Los Padres National Forest. The project created an 11-mile stretch of permanently protected coastline between the bridge and Andrew Molera State Park.

Artist rendering of revitalized Buchanan Mall open space

Residents of San Francisco's Western Addition neighborhood are rallying to reclaim and rejuvenate  Buchanan Mall with creative elements that honor the rich history of the neighborhood and provide inspiration for a brighter future for Buchanan Mall.

In April 2010, following a year-long fundraising campaign, The Trust for Public Land protected Cahuenga Peak, the 138 acres behind the world famous Hollywood Sign. 

California's Imperial Valley

We have protected over 1,500 acres of prime agricultural land in California's Imperial Valley, preserving local, land-based jobs in one of the state's most severely economically disadvantaged areas.

Canal Community Garden, CA

The Canal neighborhood in San Rafael provides a significant portion of low-income housing in one of the most affluent counties in the United States. Though the neighborhood is diverse, many residents share a common tie to a strong food culture.

Carlton Way Pocket Park design schematic

In an underserved Los Angeles neighborhood where no green or public spaces exist within a half-mile radius, we're creating a .2-acre park on an abandoned lot that has been vacant since the mid-1990s.


The Castle Valley Trailhead is the gateway to a host of many popular outdoor destinations in the northern Sierra, including Castle Valley and Castle Peak, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Sierra Club’s Peter Grubb Hut, Hole in the Ground trail and the Donner Rim Trail. This has made it one of the northern Sierra Nevada’s most popular trailheads and yet until 2016, the land was not just privately owned, but up for sale.


The Trust for Public Land's Central Coast Program works to protect the irreplaceable resources of the California Coast in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties, encompassing almost 400 miles of coastline.

Map of Richmond, CA

With over 32 miles of bay shoreline, historic petrochemical industry, and a growing population, Richmond is one of the most vulnerable cities to climate change in California.

At over four miles long, Coast Dairies is the most significant coastal addition to Northern California's State Parks in 3 decades.

Cold Stream, Sierra Nevada

In 2010, The Trust for Public Land protected more than two miles of Cold Stream, the remarkable Cold Stream Meadow, and nearly three miles of the popular Mount Lola Trail.

Colden Park Design Concept Drawing

Colden Avenue Pocket Park could provide much-needed open space for this densely populated neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles State Historic Park

It's called "the cornfield" because crops grew there in the 19th century. More recently, this 32-acre property on the edge of LA's downtown and Chinatown was an abandoned railyard slated for a one-million-square-foot industrial development.

Red Car property in the town of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, CA.

For years, locals have asked for the Red Car property in Silver Lake-Elysian Valley to be converted into a real park, an invaluable resource in a crowded area of the city where green space is scarce. The Trust for Public Land is working with dedicated neighbors and private supporters to make it happen.

Cowell Ranch, Contra Costa County

Cowell Ranch, the 4,000 acres of oak-studded hills flanking Mount Diablo,a fast-growing region of the state, were earmarked for urban development before TPL completed the $13-million deal to purchase and preserve the land in 2002.

Douglas Family Preserve, California

In the past, this stunning coastal property was home to the family-run Wilcox Nursery. But after the nursery closed in 1972, would-be buyers eyed the site for development.

El Capitan Ranch, Gaviota Coast, CA

In 2002, TPL protected the 2,500-acre El Capitan Ranch, nearly doubling state park land on California's Gaviota coast.

El Sereno in East Los Angeles has one of the greatest concentrations of children under five in the county—but not nearly enough parks or playgrounds to serve them.

Ellwood Mesa, Gaviota Coast, Santa Barbara County

Ellwood Mesa is a 137-acre coastal bluff near the community of Goleta, north of Santa Barbara. TPL helped protect this property in 2005.

Gaviota Village, Santa Barbara

This recent addition to Gaviota State Park supports several species in multiple habitats that include grasslands, chaparral and coastal sage scrub, and is part of a larger effort to consolidate up to 10,000 contiguous acres of wildlands and open space.

Grace Marchant Garden

A cascade of flowers and greenery on Telegraph Hill, the garden was created by former resident Grace Marchant in a 30-year labor of love.

Hanning Flat

Located where three ecological regions – the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin and Mojave – come together, is the 3,806-acre Hanning Flat property, a property critical for connectivity between the desert and the Sierra Nevada. This rural property was identified for preservation due to its adjacency to four publicly-accessible state and federal conservation preserves, its significant wildlife corridors essential for climate change resiliency, and as a potential burrowing owl re-establishment site due to the gradual sloping grasslands found at the lower elevations.  

Harvego Bear River Preserve, California

In December 2010, TPL was able to pull a bright conservation success story out of the bleak economic downturn, and purchase Bruin Ranch, now known as the Harvego Bear River Preserve, which will eventually underpin a regional wilderness trail and park.

Hayes Valley Playground, San Francisco

Hayes Valley Playground is a quarter-acre inner city playground and clubhouse located in a diverse, dynamic San Francisco neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Photo of Helen Diller Civic Center Playgrounds

With a generous donation from the Helen Diller Family Foundation, The Trust for Public Land is completely redesigning two existing playgrounds at Civic Center Plaza that are heavily used by children in surrounding neighborhoods where parks and open space are limited.

Photo of women dancing in Hilltop Park

Hilltop Park—once celebrated as a community hub with the first NorCal skatepark and an iconic 80-foot sundial—deteriorated in the early 2000's. The Trust for Public Land worked with San Francisco Recreation and Parks, Parks 94124, and community members to restore and improve the park.

Ryan Creek, CA

Ryan Creek is a tributary of the Humboldt Bay, a coastal lagoon on California's rugged North Coast. We are working with Green Diamond Resource Company to preserve 7,550 acres in this area as a community forest outside of Eureka.

John F. Kennedy Park, Richmond, California

The community is working with the City of Richmond and The Trust for Public Land to revitalize John F. Kennedy Park as a safe and vibrant gathering place.

In the fall of 2015, The Trust for Public Land purchased the Preserve's 688 acres from the family that has owned the land for most of the 20th century. The newly established Kashia Coastal Preserve restores coastal access to the Kashia, protects important cultural sites, and provides a place to connect present and future generations of the Kashia with their heritage


The people of Ventura's Westside neighborhood needed a park. But with little open space and a very limited budget, they waited years for the right opportunity.

Liberty Island, San Joaquin Delta, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuge.

Liberty Island, on the northwestern fringe of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, is one flooded tract whose flooding has yielded unexpected, and encouraging, results.

Aliso Creek Design Schematic

We're working to build a new park at the confluence of the Los Angeles River and Aliso Creek. This two-acre nature park will eventually join the existing greenway via a new pedestrian bridge over Aliso Creek and more than a mile of new bike trails

Madera Hillside, El Cerrito, California

The Trust for Public Land is working with City of El Cerrito to purchase the Madera Hillside property and unite the Hillside Natural Area forever.

A basketball tree, silo slide, and tricycle track, and garden make up the new Madison Avenue Park & Community Garden

We're working to build a new park on Madison Avenue in East Hollywood. If funding is secured, part of this half-acre lot will be transformed into recreation play spaces and the remainder will become a community garden.


In the 1960s, the headlands were slated for a 30,000-person housing development. The architects of the deal to conserve this area included three founders of The Trust for Public Land.

Maywood Riverfront Park in Maywood, CA

Located along the west bank of the Los Angeles River in southeast Los Angeles County, the city of Maywood houses numerous abandoned factory sites but only two small public parks.

Melrose Leadership Academy

The yard at Melrose Leadership Academy in Oakland was mostly concrete with almost no shade—dangerously hot in the summer, and not able to absorb and slow any rainwater during winter storms. So we worked with the community to remove pavement and replace it with trees and native plants, which will absorb stormwater and keep kids cool in the shade. It’s the first project in a partnership between The Trust for Public Land, Green Schoolyards America and the Oakland Unified School District to transform asphalt schoolyards into green spaces. Along with climate and environmental benefits, the yard at Melrose Leadership Academy is now helping teachers improve environmental literacy and is a welcoming green place for students and families to exercise, play, and experience nature.


Since 1942, Midland School students have enjoyed the open classrooms of the school's fields, forests, and gardens. But in 2006, the school became concerned about encroaching development and reached out to The Trust for Public Land for help.

Mori Point, California

In September 2000, with Mori Point on the auction block, The Trust for Public Land assembled funds from private donors, the Pacifica Land Trust, and its own capital to outbid the developers and take the land off the market forever.

Mount Eddy, California

Mount Eddy is named in honor of Olive Paddock Eddy, who in the 1880s became the first woman to climb this picture-perfect peak. Today, Mt. Eddy is popular with hikers and curious botanists: many endemic species thrive near the creeks and fens, and in midsummer, a range of butterfly species crowd the wildflowers.

Cypress Abbey Ranch, CA

The Trust for Public Land is working in partnership with city and county governments, timber companies, and land trusts to acquire properties and finance conservation easements in California's North Coast region.

Schallenberger Ridge, CA

To date, TPL has conserved more land in the Sierra Nevada than any other nonprofit organization —more than 145,000 acres including Waddle Ranch in the Martis Valley and parts of the Pacific Crest Trail.


Once a pristine wetland, the Upper Devereux Slough was filled to create the Ocean Meadows golf course in 1965. Now it's on track to be restored to its natural splendor.

Our Los Angeles Program concentrates on the health and well-being of the region's nearly 10 million residents, working from the mountains to the ocean, and from inner city to wilderness.

Patton Park, Los Angeles

We're helping to create a pocket park for the residents of Echo Park, a dense neighborhood on the edge of downtown Los Angeles where many families with small children live.

Springtime in Perrazo Meadows with snowy Sierra peaks in the distance.

Bisected by a meandering section of the Little Truckee River, the
remote, snow-covered Perazzo Meadows property was in imminent danger of
being sold to developers until TPL and its partner, the Truckee Donner
Land Trust, purchased the land in 2009.

Pine Avenue Park, Los Angeles

Pine Avenue is one of ten major park developments we are leading in the Los Angeles area. This former vacant lot is now a beautiful and safe place for people of all ages to play.

Bluffs on Cypress Abbey Ranch, Point Arena, CA

Located on a particularly scenic portion of the Northern California coastline, Point Arena is known for its dramatic coastal shelves and bluffs, spring-fed waterfalls.

Potrero Hill Playground, San Francisco

Located between a middle-class neighborhood of single-family homes and two of San Francisco's largest public housing projects, Potrero Hill serves families from across the economic spectrum. 

Rancho Canada golf course, Carmel, CA

When a 190-acre golf course along the Carmel River went up for sale, a coalition of local nonprofits and public agencies knew whom to call to save the property from development. The coalition contacted The Trust for Public Land, because it knew we could marshal the resources and expertise needed to act quickly and close the deal.

Rancho Corral, Santa Monica Mountains, CA

Located between the Los Angeles Basin and the booming communities of the San Fernando Valley, California's Santa Monica Mountains offer essential recreation in one of the nation's most densely populated regions.


At more than 3,000 acres, Rancho Monte Alegre the largest remaining undeveloped landscape in the Carpentaria foothills.  

Richmond Wellness Trail

Trails and parks can create substantial benefits for public health and quality of life. Our mission at The Trust for Public Land is to create parks and protect land for people. However, 1 in 3 people in America do not have access to a close-to-home park.

George "Rocky" Graham Park, Marin City, CA

Rocky Graham Park is the only outdoor recreational space in Marin City, the most diverse city in the county. The Trust for Public Land worked with the community to re-design the park, which re-opened in July 2015 with modern amenities.


The 3,000-acre Royal Gorge property, which straddles the Sierra Crest at Donner Summit, has it all—sharp granite peaks, lush mountain meadows, old growth forests, crystal clear streams, and a rich human history.

Rudolph Park, Lawndale, CA

In 2011, the City of Lawndale purchased a 1.5 acre vacant lot to develop Rudolph Park as a much-needed recreation space for its many residents.


Every year as many as two million people escape the bustle of Los Angeles to hike in Runyon Canyon Park. Located in the Hollywood Hills next door to one of the city’s most crowded neighborhoods, Runyon Canyon is a popular place to meet with friends, walk dogs, hike, and enjoy expansive views.

Schallenberger Ridge, CA

Looming above Donner Lake, just off Interstate 80 in the central Sierra Nevada, Schallenberger Ridge would make a spectacular ski resort in this popular year-round tourist area.

Sergeant Macaulay Park

The Trust for Public Land is working with San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to engage the community in a participatory design process. The renovation will be anchored in the context of existing recreational facilities and programs within the Tenderloin.

Sierra Buttes, California

The majestic Sierra Buttes are a dramatic backdrop to the Northern Sierra's "Lakes Basin"  and seemingly pristine landscape that few people realize was once actively mined as part of the Sierra Mother Lode, and has been fragmented into protected and unprotected parcels of property.

Hikers near the Lake of the Woods overlooking Sierra Valley in Tahoe National Forest, California.

Located in the highest-elevation headwaters of three major rivers—the Middle Yuba, the Little Truckee, and the Feather-nearly 1,200 acres are now protected through the first-ever conservation easement acquired from Sierra Pacific Industries.

Sinkyone Wilderness, CA

Established in 1997, the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness preserves a small portion of the original Sinkyone Indian territory on 3,845 acres of redwood forestland along the northern California coast in Mendocino County.

South Victoria Avenue Park

South Victoria Avenue Park has transformed a vacant nuisance property into a vibrant playground and gathering space for the children and families of Hyde Park, Los Angeles. The park provides much needed green space to over 10,000 people who live within a 10-minute walk.


Situated within one of the densest, lowest income, most diverse, and park poor neighborhoods, the Tenderloin Wellness Trail works to prioritize the streets and sidewalks between all Tenderloin parks and playgrounds in order to cultivate a safe, vibrant and beautiful wellness trail. The Tenderloin is home to the densest concentration of children and families, yet the few open spaces that exist are often underutilized, unknown, or disconnected.

Atascadero Creek, CA

In May 2011, The Trust for Public Land helped the town of Atascadero in San Luis
Obispo County acquire a new park replete with a popular swimming hole and network of trails connecting to the Los Padres National Forest and, ultimately, the Pacific Ocean.

Photo of hikers at Bull Lake in California

The Trust for Public Land, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and the U.S. Forest Service have teamed up to close the largest gap in public ownership along this world-famous trek—over 16 square miles of forests, alpine lakes, and lush meadows in the remote Trinity Mountains of Northern California.

Visitacion Valley, San Francisco

A two-acre ribbon of mini-parks that stretches through the heart of Visitacion Valley and includes a community and native plant garden, gathering plaza, and children's playground.

Lupine, sagebrush and wild grasses in a meadow with mountains on distant horizon in Martis Valley, CA. Waddle Ranch.

Located in a popular Sierra Nevada recreation area between Lake Tahoe and North Star ski area, 1,400-acre Waddle Ranch was once slated for the development of 800 homes.

Walker Property, CA

At various times, local skydivers, hunting clubs, and trail runners have all used the Walker ranch property for recreation.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Joe Buscaino at the ribbon-cutting for Watts Serenity Park

When plans for a housing development fell through, the prospect of giving local children and their parents a safe, welcoming place to meet and play motivated neighbors to step forward and support the creation of a community park in Los Angeles' Watts neighborhood.

Webber Falls, Sierra Nevada

In August 2009, TPL helped to protect 100-foot Webber Lake Falls, which includes three natural swimming holes, for addition to the Tahoe National Forest.

View of Webber Lake and Lacey Valley in Tahoe National Forest, California.

The 3,000-acre Webber Lake property is a look back in time.  Once a stop along the Henness Pass Road, the original Webber Lake Hotel—built in the 1860s—still stands on the property.

Willow Creek, Sonoma County, California

Connecting ocean and sky in Sonoma County.

Yuba Highlands, California

Once approved for 5,000 new homes, the Highlands property contributes to over 34,000 acres of protected, contiguous open space in the Yuba Foothills.