In California, our supporters have helped

preserve 461,659 acres of open space

create a park or natural area within a 10-min walk of 1,218,901 people

complete 716 projects and are actively supporting 111 ongoing projects

Featured Projects


Five threats to the Pacific Crest Trail, and how we’re fighting back
UPDATE: Great news! We're proud to announce we've protected 17 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail at Trinity Divide in Northern California, closing one of the largest gaps in public ownership along the entire trail.
Green Schoolyards for Los Angeles
Green Schoolyards for Los Angeles
The smart policy solution for equity, health, and climate resilience
The Kashia return to the coast
After more than 150 years on a small, inland reservation, the Kashia band of Pomo Indians has at last returned to the California coast.

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State Director, California
Guillermo Rodriguez
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