El Sereno Arroyo Playground

El Sereno Arroyo Playground featured image

El Sereno in East Los Angeles has one of the greatest concentrations of children under five in the county—but not nearly enough parks or playgrounds to serve them. When resourceful community members saw an opportunity to transform a vacant lot into green space, they turned to The Trust for Public Land for help.

The one-acre lot had been a barren eyesore since the 1970s. To change that, the local Council District 14 worked with CalTrans to obtain a 25-year lease on the property from CalTrans, the state transportation agency that owned the land. We then worked with the community and the City of Los Angeles to plan and design the park and secured funds from both public and private sources.

In just four months, we turned a wasteland into parkland. This vibrant community gathering space includes grassy hills, a new playground donated by PlayCore, a Fitness Zone® outdoor gym for adults, walking paths, picnic tables, mosaics, decorative fencing, and a garden.