Pathways to Resilience in California’s Central Coast

Nestled between the bustling San Francisco Bay Area and sunny communities of Southern California lies a beautiful but overlooked region: California’s Central Coast. As climate change tightens its grip on the state, charting a sustainable future for the Central Coast is critical to ensure the wellbeing of communities and meet California’s climate resilience goals. In a region where access to the outdoors is starkly divided between the haves and the have nots, we have an opportunity to dramatically expand equitable access to the outdoors while meeting the state’s climate goals.

Trust for Public Land (TPL) engaged community members and conducted deep research to guide strategic, equitable investment in the outdoors and make the Central Coast more climate resilient.

Partners and policymakers can use TPL’s findings to guide strategic, equitable investment in the outdoors to create a more climate resilient Central Coast.

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