Yurok Tribal Lands

Northern California

What We Did

Returned Northern California forests to the Yurok Tribe, where they will manage the land sustainably and according to longstanding cultural tradition. 

Our Goal

Ensure equity in land conservation by working with tribes and Indigenous groups to protect and recover homelands and culturally significant places.

By The Numbers
acres restored back to the Yurok Tribe
tonnes of carbon sequestered annually
Yurok Tribe members connected to their ancestral land
Reclaiming Yurok Tribe's Ancestral Territory
About This Project
  • Heartland: Reclaiming Ancestral Territory in Northern California

    From the breathing lungs of Douglas fir forests to the pumping heart of the Klamath River to the humans who call it home, the Yurok Tribe’s heartland of Northern California is essential to their existence. And for hundreds of years, they have been trying to reclaim it piece by piece.

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