Caliente Creek

Caliente Creek featured image

As the Sierra Nevada Mountains travel south and transition to the western part of the Mojave Desert, a hidden gem known as Caliente Creek is home to diverse wildlife such as deer, mountain lion, legless lizards, migratory birds, and the endangered California condor. Rolling, oak-studded hills cover the upper Caliente Creek as headwater creeks and springs flow into the juniper covered grasslands and shrubby vegetation of the lower parcel. The area is located in the Bureau of Land Management’s Tehachapi Linkage, which intends to preserve wildlife connections between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and surrounding mountain ranges. Knowing how special this area is for the diverse wildlife and vegetation of Southern California, Trust for Public Land seized this opportunity to preserve this wild gem.

With the help of our partners, Trust for Public Land protected Caliente Creek’s 1,440 acres and transferred ownership to the Mojave Desert Land Trust. Caliente Creek is packed with potential for habitat restoration, scientific research, and public access benefits. The land is currently leased for cattle grazing, and future grazing opportunities are being considered under a sustainable grazing management plan. With the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail less than 1.5 miles to the east, a spur trail to Caliente Creek is part of the long-term plan for the area. Adding a connection to the iconic PCT would also bring an economic lift for the local town of Twin Oaks, CA with increased thru-hikers and nature lovers looking to connect to the benefits of trails and explore this brimming wilderness.

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