Climate Smart Cities Richmond

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With over 32 miles of bay shoreline, historic petrochemical industry, and a growing population, Richmond is one of the most vulnerable cities to climate change in California.

City leaders have spearheaded progressive policies to address climate change. The Trust for Public Land’s climate-smart cities team is working with city staff, public agencies, and community organizations to help Richmond implement these policies by prioritizing projects and generating climate-related funding.

From 2016-2017, we worked with leaders and practitioners from a range of sectors to develop a web-based tool that will help the City and community groups analyze and prioritize climate projects. This tool integrates technical data and community input to identify areas at risk to climate change and to help drive local investments to ensure that equity remains at the heart of the city’s strategies.

Additionally, we are working with the City and partners to implement multi-benefit projects, such as Greening the Iron Triangle and the Richmond Wellness Trail.

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