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Utilize Our Research
Utilize Our Research

Make the case for parks and open space, shape conservation policy, and learn more about park access, equity, and quality. You can make a difference in your community with our proprietary tools, expert consultants, and extensive research.

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Work With the Best People
Work with the Best People

If you’re a community leader or advocate, we have the right people to help you. Get a glimpse into our team of skilled professionals who are helping make our country better for future generations.

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Advancing Policies and Generating Funding

Our Federal Affairs and Conservation Finance team provides resources and guidance about federal land conservation policy and funding to an array of groups, including Congress, the White House, federal agency staff, local and state land trust activists and government officials, and other conservation groups across the country to expand our national parks, preserve important cultural sites, fund conservation efforts at the state and local level, and so much more.

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Closing the Park Equity Gap
Closing the Park Equity Gap
Closing the Park Equity Gap

Our data experts developed the national gold-standard comparison of park systems across the 100 most populated cities in the United States. Published annually, the index measures park systems according to access, investment, amenities, acreage, and equity.

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  • ParkServe® Data

    We created the country’s most extensive database of local parks in nearly 14,000 cities, towns, and communities to measure equitable access to green space and identify priority areas that need more parks and trails.

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    Creating Climate Equity
  • ParkScore® Index

    Our ParkScore index is the most comprehensive comparison of park systems across the U.S. Updated every year, ParkScore ranks 100 of the most populated cities in the country in five categories: equity, access, investment, amenities, and acreage.

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    ParkScore® Index
  • The TPL LandVote® Database

    Every year, dozens of state and local governments vote to raise public funds in support of land conservation. Our LandVote Database is the premier source of information about these measures, bringing together the most comprehensive history of conservation finance measures on ballots across the country.

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    The TPL LandVote® Database
  • Conservation Almanac

    Created to assess the impacts of conservation efforts, Conservation Almanac allows you to discover, analyze, and map the results of federal, state, and local funding for conservation since 1998.

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    Conservation Almanac
  • National Conservation Easement Database

    NCED gathers records from both land trusts and public agencies in a public-private partnership.

    This data helps organizations plan more strategically, identify opportunities for collaboration, advance public accountability, and raise awareness of what’s happening in conservation.

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    National Conservation Easement Database
  • Conservation Carbon Map

    This tool helps people make informed decisions about locations with high potential for protecting stored carbon and increasing carbon uptake.

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    Conservation Carbon Map