• The Kolob Terrace section of Zion National Park, UT
    Our public lands should be saved—not sold.

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  • View of Yosemite Valley
    Yosemite just grew by 400 acres.

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  • Playing soccer at Benito Juarez Park in Los Angeles, CA. TPL
    How close is your park?

    Why we believe in the 10-minute walk.

    Photo: Annie Bang
    Playing soccer at Benito Juarez Park in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Land for People.

    Hear real stories of how parks change lives and transform communities.

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    Kartoon Antwine and his daughter

Creating Parks and Protecting Land for People

Save our public lands

Yosemite Valley at dawn
Help keep our public lands in public hands.

A look back at 2015

Children laying in the meadow at Hudson Farm in Hanover, NH.
Our success is best measured in human happiness, health, and inspiration. Thanks to you, it was a very good year.

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A double rainbow over the Grand Canyon
If you’ve ever explored a national park—especially one of the busier ones, like Yosemite or Yellowstone—you might have noticed all kinds of ...



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Working to ensure national parks are for all Americans—so that all Americans are for national parks… https://t.co/8WUw2N7E2N
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This is conservation: No. 26 of 31 places you helped protect in 2016 https://t.co/zeYey8QnXY #thisisconservation https://t.co/JI6oXPKoZQ