• OptOutside Outdoor Access
    Help us turn Black Friday into Green Friday

    Instead of heading to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, pledge to OptOutside with friends and family.

    Photo: Ryan Tuttle
  • 2018 Match-My-Gift Challenge

    All gifts received by November 27 will be matched dollar for dollar.

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  • Photo of a woman in a canoe

    Congress just allowed America's best conservation program to expire. Take action now to fight back!

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  • The Kolob Terrace section of Zion National Park, UT
    Our public lands should be saved—not sold.

    Help keep our public lands in public hands. Become a member today.

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Creating Parks and Protecting Land for People

How does your city compare?

2018 City Park Facts Report and ParkScore® Rankings

Save our public lands

Yosemite Valley at dawn
Help keep our public lands in public hands.

Thanks to you

A hiker in Zion National Park
2017 was a monumental year for conservation.


If the words “holiday shopping season” strike dread in your heart, you’re not alone. That’s why we want to help you #OptOutside this ...



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