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Connecting with nature strengthens our communities, improves public health, and brings us joy.

When you support us, you’re helping our Federal Affairs team advance policy and ballot measures at the national and local level that expand national parks, preserve cultural sites, fund conservation, and so much more.

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Policies That Further Equitable Access to the Outdoors
Policies That Further Equitable Access to the Outdoors

Every year, with the help of advocates like you, we pass major policies and ballot measures and raise funds that create and protect safe and equitable green spaces.

In 2023 alone, our advocates sent more than 248,000 petitions urging officials to protect public lands where they are needed most. And we generated more than $1.4 billion in funding for parks, land conservation, and climate resilience in cities.

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Urge your representatives to make green spaces a priority. Add your name to one or all of our current petitions and help us take a stand.


Data That’s Making a Difference
  • The TPL LandVote® Database

    Every year, dozens of state and local governments vote to raise public funds in support of land conservation. Our LandVote database is the premier source of information about these measures, bringing together the most comprehensive history of conservation finance measures on ballots across the country.

    Explore LandVote

    The TPL LandVote® Database
  • Conservation Almanac

    Created to assess the impacts of conservation efforts, Conservation Almanac allows you to discover, analyze, and map the results of federal, state, and local funding for conservation since 1998.

    Visit the Conservation Almanac

    Conservation Almanac
  • National Conservation Easement Database

    Our National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) gathers records from both land trusts and public agencies in a public-private partnership. These data help organizations plan more strategically, identify opportunities for collaboration, advance public accountability, and raise awareness of what’s happening in conservation.

    Search the Database

    National Conservation Easement Database
  • ParkScore® City Rankings

    Our ParkScore index is the most comprehensive comparison of park systems across the U.S. Updated every year, ParkScore ranks 100 of the most-populous cities in the country in five categories: equity, access, investment, amenities, and acreage.

    See ParkScore Rankings

    ParkScore® City Rankings
How We Turn Policy Plans Into Reality
How We Turn Policy Plans Into Reality

Passing ballot measures that result in real change is no easy task. To do it, we offer a comprehensive suite of campaign services on a case-by-case basis. These include campaign planning, management, and fundraising; selecting and directing pollsters and other consultants; writing and producing digital, direct-mail, television, and radio advertisements; overseeing public education and get-out-the-vote programs; and managing compliance with campaign finance and lobbying registration and reporting.

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Park Equity Through Policy Change
Lexington and Six Other Cities Are Accelerating Park Equity

Lexington, Kentucky, and other cities are taking a critical look at land use, planning, and funding policies with fresh eyes. As they tackle the challenges of rapid growth, they’re simultaneously re-thinking how to develop and grow in a more equitable way. TPL is helping them.

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