California Green Schoolyards


What We’re Doing
Transforming asphalt schoolyards in underserved communities into vibrant green spaces for students and neighbors to use.

Our Goal
Provide close-to-home community spaces where residents can play, connect, and experience the benefits of the outdoors.

What’s at Stake: By the Numbers
A group of people standing in a circle.
of the nationwide gap in academic achievement between white and Black students is attributed to heat and air quality disparities.
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of kids attend schools in heat islands.
145 degrees
Researchers have documented schoolyard surface temperatures of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This dangerous heat can cause third-degree burns on playgrounds.
Creating Climate Resilient Futures


Schoolchildren across California often play on hot, barren asphalt lots without grass, shade, and trees, leaving students exposed to extreme heat and play spaces prone to flooding. Specially landscaped spaces filled with native plants and porous surfaces absorb stormwater and prevent flooding; while trees cool play spaces and surrounding areas. Green schoolyards are a low-cost, effective way to make neighborhoods climate resilient.

Greening schoolyards improves the physical and mental health of children, all while boosting their academic performance. Spending time in natural areas helps lessen anxiety and depression, increase feelings of tranquility, and strengthen concentration. Green schoolyards offer kids and families so many benefits.

Outside of school hours, green schoolyards serve as beloved community parks. Communities with parks are cooler in summer, have better air quality, and are more resilient to extreme heat and catastrophic flooding. Yet 1 in 3 Californians do not live within a 10-minute walk of a park, but they do live within walking distance of a school. Creating green schoolyards is the solution hiding in plain sight.

We need policymakers at the state and local levels to make forward-thinking, equitable decisions that serve our children by supporting the greening of schoolyards.

Join us.

Help turn our nation’s concrete schoolyards into vibrant parks for kids and communities.

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