Create Climate-Smart Schoolyards

Rising temperatures, bigger storms, and asphalt schoolyards pose significant risks during recess. Urge Congress to prioritize schoolyards that cool neighborhoods, manage stormwater, and provide opportunities for kids to connect with nature today!

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In our May issue of Outside Matters, we asked readers to tell us what features their dream park of the future would offer. We received great responses, like this one from Robin Dechert Schachat of Shaker Heights, Ohio: 

Nature play areas where kids do not need to be tidy—water to splash in; earth, plants, trees, and rocks to climb around and explore; frogs, birds, insects, and living animals making sounds and living their lives to teach and amaze. 

Other common criteria: accessibility, solar-powered lights, gathering places for outdoor community events and volunteers, understory ephemerals (short-life-cycle plants that grow at the base of trees), native plants and wildlife, and exercise equipment.  

Good news for our readers: TPL parks and projects around the country, including those below, already deliver on our readers’ wish lists. With support from donors like you, there can be plenty more where these came from.  

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All of these places—and many more—are protected thanks to Trust for Public Land supporters. Join us in our mission to bring the profound benefits of equitable access to the outdoors to millions of people across America.

Deborah Williams is Trust for Public Land’s editorial director. She is also the mother of two avid park and playground aficionados, ages 10 and 2, who look forward to exploring all of these futuristic places as soon as possible.  


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