L.A. Community SchoolyardsTM Program

Los Angeles | California

What We’re Doing

Partnering with school districts and local nonprofits to transform 28 asphalt playgrounds into high-quality green spaces for students and local communities by 2028. 

Our Goal

Ensure every child and adult in Los Angeles has close-to-home access to the outdoors. 

Los Angeles Schoolyards by the Numbers
people will have quality green space within 10 minutes of their homes
schoolyard renovations where they're needed most
degree temperature reduction possible
Growth and Learning Happens Inside and Outside the Classroom
Communities of Color Have 44% Less Park Space
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ParkServe® Data
A colorful mural on the side of a building.
TPL and the Los Angeles Living Schoolyards Coalition Report

Download “Greener Schoolyards for Los Angeles” to learn more about how we are working with a coalition of partners in Los Angeles. 

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Help Us Turn Barren Schoolyards into Vibrant Parks

Raise your hand if you believe Congress must provide the funding our nation needs to transform barren public schoolyards into vibrant community parks.

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