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Aerial view of downtown Trinidad and Fishers Peak Ranch
Coming soon: a new state park in southern Colorado
Juan De La Roca was ready to leave Colorado behind. For 25 years, he’d lived, worked, and played in the mountains around Denver and Boulder. But the state’s booming growth was driving up housing prices and snarling traffic, and the once-lonesome trails where De La Roca rode his bike were getting crowded...
Almost 1,000 Acres Permanently Protected in the Gunnison Valley
The Trust for Public Land, the US Forest Service, the Crested Butte Land Trust (Land Trust), and the Valley Housing Fund today announced the final chapter of a decade-long effort in the permanent protection of nearly 1,000 acres of land in the Gunnison Valley.
New climbers find a foothold in neighborhood parks
It’s not easy to get into rock climbing. Starting out means building strength, mastering knots and gear, and—for some of us, anyway!—conquering a fear of heights. But for many would-be climbers, the hardest part isn’t technical know-how or tricky moves: it’s just getting to the wall.

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