Trampe Ranch

Scattered across 30 miles of river bottom from Gunnison to the doorstep of Gothic, the lands owned by Trampe Ranch are some of the most familiar, productive, beautiful, and scientifically significant in the Gunnison Valley. These islands of ranchland—6,000 acres in all— include scenic meadows along the Gunnison River visible from Highway 135, expansive grazing lands along Farris Creek at the outskirts of Crested Butte, and the iconic meanders of the East River visible from below the Gothic Road.

These heritage ranchlands help define the character and sense of place of the valley—sustaining Western traditions while attracting new residents and visitors who want to live and play in a mountain environment dominated by wide open spaces. By complementing the wild nature of nearby public lands, these private ranchlands help to support our outdoor economy and enhance existing recreational opportunities. They are crucial for food production, clean water, and wildlife habitat, and—less well known—some of them have become irreplaceable for the scientific study of climate change. In the arid West, water is the lifeblood of the landscape. The conservation of the Trampe Ranch will protect over a mile of the Gunnison River and three miles of the East River, along with many reaches of other streams and creeks.

Too often, family ranches are lost to development, due to taxes and financial pressure, when passing from one generation to the next. Now, for a limited time, The Trust for Public Land has the opportunity to forever protect the productivity, beauty, and heritage of the Gunnison Valley by conserving this important ranch.

Protecting ranchlands preserves the heritage and landscapes that make our state unique. Trampe Ranch is a foundational investment in the long term health of the Gunnison Valley and Colorado.”–Ryan and Wynn Martens, Crested Butte, CO.

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