South Table Mountain

South Table Mountain featured image

South Table Mountain is an oasis of solitude within a sea of development. A volcanic mesa rising above the western Denver metro area, it provides a welcome refuge for people and wildlife. In 2004, The Trust for Public Land purchased over 700 acres of South Table Mountain from the Coors brewery, effectively protecting the entire mesa from development.

Nearly 2,000 acres in total, the mesa offers a unique respite from the city. The flat top of the Mountain is about 500 feet above the surrounding plains. Step back from the rim, and urban development disappears below the mesa’s edge. Many visitors describe their experience on the mesa as being transported to an “island in the sky,” where in a few short steps they find themselves far removed from the city and surrounded by stunning panoramic views of the Front Range.

Hikers, bikers, rockhounds, horse riders, birders, and wildflower enthusiasts enjoy the mesa’s remarkable quiet and spectacular views. Golden eagles soar on the mesa’s thermals, while prairie falcons and numerous other birds call it home. Mule deer, coyote, red fox, the occasional mountain lion, and many small mammals roam its rolling surface, safe from the dangers of the highways and neighborhoods below.

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