Colorado Parks for People Program


What We’re Doing
Renovating existing parks and natural spaces and creating new ones that benefit Colorado communities.

Our Goal
Ensuring all Colorado residents have a quality park within 10 minutes of home.

Colorado Parks for People by the Numbers
million residents lacking nearby open space get excellent parks close to home
Closing Colorado’s Park Equity Gap
Three children sitting on a swing at a playground.
A green slide in a playground.
Community Outreach with Resident Experts (CORE) Fellowships and Engagement
CORE to Our Mission

In over a decade of work, our Colorado Parks for People program has yielded the greatest results through broad and sustained community engagement. Our CORE (Community Outreach with Resident Experts) engagement process centers on community voices, whereby we codesign outdoor spaces with communities to ensure the parks, trails, and schoolyards we create reflect their priorities and aspirations. A few examples of CORE-led TPL projects are Montbello Open Space Park in Denver and Panorama Park in Colorado Springs.

The advent of the CORE program in Colorado took what has long been our approach—asking communities what they want their green spaces to be and inviting them to take part in their creation—a bit further. It places local people in leadership positions and funds their contributions for two-year periods. It also gives a name to those who know their communities best: resident experts. We recognize the power to improve neighborhoods comes from within, and we’re investing in the future by supporting those who want to make positive change with the tools to do so.

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