Letter from Diane Regas, President & CEO

As I reflect on 2023 and TPL’s anniversary year, I find myself thinking deeply about the people who founded Trust for Public Land 50 years ago and the accomplishments of our organization. From those early days when our founders worked with the Black Panthers to reclaim vacant lots in Oakland to create dozens of miniparks throughout the city, through work in every type of community, to the tremendous legacy we’ve built in the decades since.

Those early efforts were more than just creating parks and green spaces; they were about building community, fostering collaboration, and shaping a legacy of hope that continues to influence our work to this day. This legacy is vividly brought to life in our 2023 accomplishments, like the Big Cedar Wilderness in Dallas, where a 300-acre forest in the heart of the city provides both outdoor access for residents and improved air quality. Similarly, our collaboration with the Penobscot Nation in Maine to reconnect nearly 30,000 acres of ancestral land symbolizes our commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural reverence.

Throughout this year, we celebrated both our impact and the stewards who have made it all possible—our staff, volunteers, donors, community partners, and advocates, including you. Whether you’ve supported us as a donor, advocated for our causes, or shared our vision, your commitment has been instrumental in our success in connecting everyone to the outdoors.

As we look to the future, I urge us to also consider the legacy we are creating for those who will steward our organization and our world 50 years from now. What will they think of the choices we make today?

We must face the very real concerns that future generations have for their communities and the planet—concerns about climate change and societal divisions that seem insurmountable. While these can feel overwhelming, I challenge us to meet them with action and optimism. Our Community Schoolyards® projects, transforming spaces including Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School in Queens, New York, and schoolyards across Georgia, are tangible examples of this choice—turning asphalt into green spaces that enhance community health and resilience.

Our work in Black History and Culture, such as the restoration of Atlanta’s Prince Hall Masonic Lodge and the establishment of the Medgar and Myrlie Evers National Monument, is our commitment to addressing and healing from our country’s complex past. Through this initiative and others, we are ensuring that future generations inherit a more inclusive and understanding world.

In the realm of trails and parks, projects like Vermont’s Rolston Rest and California’s Central Jefferson High and Quincy Jones Green Alley Networks are paths through nature and bridges connecting people to each other and a healthier future. And the transformation of Lockeland Springs Park in Nashville, Tennessee, following a devastating tornado is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the community and collective will to forge a brighter future.

Let us move forward with the knowledge that our actions today are shaping a future where hope triumphs over cynicism, where action spurs a sense of possibility, and where everyone belongs in a world that is cooler, greener, and more equitable. This is the future we are actively building together.

Imagine 50 years from now when future generations reflect on this pivotal moment in history. Let them say that in the face of challenges, we chose to create a world where everyone belongs, a world shaped by our collective hope and unwavering commitment to ensure everyone has access to the benefits and joys of the outdoors.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Together, we are not just dreaming of a brighter future; we are laying the foundation for it.

With deepest gratitude,

Diane Regas

Diane Regas
President & CEO
Trust for Public Land

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