D. Malcolm Carson

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Malcolm Carson is our senior vice president and general counsel. He joined us in 2015. Formerly, Malcolm served as general counsel and policy director for environmental health at Community Health Councils, a health policy-focused nonprofit based in Los Angeles. In addition to the general counsel role, Malcolm led a program centered around environmental and land-use planning with a key focus on the link between access to parks and open space and health.

Prior to this he was managing attorney at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, supervising the legal teams for employment and community economic development. In this role he developed expertise in lobbying, employment law, environmental review, land use, real estate, federal tax exemption, and corporate governance, among others, and led initiatives to leverage land use, transportation, and environmental planning processes for the benefit of low-income communities and to improve client services by better integrating digital communication technology into their collaborative working processes. Additionally, Malcolm taught law and public policy at the University of Southern California, served on the California State Building Standards Commission, and was previously a deputy city attorney for the City and County of San Francisco and an associate at Orrick.

While Malcolm’s work over the last twenty years has focused on improving the quality of life in underserved communities, he is passionate about the full range of our work and is an avid surfer, hiker, and bicyclist.