F. Jerome Tone

Background and expertise: Serves as agent for Hellman Properties LLC in Seal Beach, California; former general partner and executive vice president of Montgomery Capital Corporation in San Francisco; served as a director of the Alamitos Land Company in Signal Hill, California; former chief financial officer with BRIDGE Housing Corporation; former vice president in the real estate lending department at Wells Fargo Bank; currently serves on Trust for Public Land’s national board of directors, and the board of the Seattle Parks Foundation; graduated from Williams College and received his MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.

Why I believe in protecting land and creating parks: “When I walk through cities across America, I am struck to see that the parks, trails, and open spaces are in constant use. There is always a resident, a couple, a family, or a group who are using our public spaces. These spaces are open and free: a perfect demonstration of our democracy at work. For example, my father recently pointed out an older fellow who sits on a bench in a central riverside park across the street from a coffee shop dad frequents. He told me that the guy is there every day. We were in Cleveland, Ohio, and so I asked, ‘I wonder what he does in the winter?’ Dad said, ‘He’s there in the winter!’ Sitting in the park, enjoying his community. That’s why I believe in protecting land and creating parks. Trust for Public Land is doing a fantastic job creating special places for people to get outside and enjoy their communities.”

Why I support Trust for Public Land: “Having been on the ‘inside’ of Trust for Public Land for many years, I can attest to the fact that the income that comes into the organization is allocated and used very efficiently. Trust for Public Land leverages its resources in the most amazing ways, with project teams, the legal team, the finance and administrative teams cooperating to bring complicated and expensive transactions to closure. They navigate complex political situations at the local, regional, state, and federal levels-with thousands of examples (5,000-plus transactions to date) demonstrating their professionalism and efficiency. I am very proud to be associated with staff and volunteers for Trust for Public Land and to have witnessed so many incredible transactions which have enhanced communities across the country.”