Wolfe Creek Forest

Wolfe Creek ForestPhoto credit: TPL Staff

Longleaf pine forests once dominated the southern United States forest habitat stretching from Texas to Florida to Virginia. Today they occupy only about 5% of its historical range. Maintained by regular fire, they are one of the most threatened and ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world, with 900 species found nowhere else on Earth and 30 federally threatened/endangered species. Wolfe Creek Forest also provides joy-filled experiences to the people who hike, bike, hunt and kayak among the pines. The Trust for Public Land is working to protect and restore the Florida longleaf pine forest, and partnering with the U.S. Navy to assure unfettered military flight operations in the region. Conservation of Wolf Creek Forest benefits NAS Whiting Field, the busiest air station in the world, by preventing the development of the land into uses that would hinder flight training. Our partners in our ongoing work include the U.S. Navy, Florida Forest Service, Santa Rosa County Commission, US Forest Service and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Together, we’re preserving Florida’s vital ecological and economic resources.

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