Lex Sant

Background and expertise: Since 2015, president of Sant Foundation; since 2018, president of the Summit Foundation; From 2008-2015, co-founder and managing director of Persimmon Tree Capital; past director in the Alternative Energy group at AES Corporation, responsible for the origination and execution of transactions related to biofuels, wind, and other forms of renewable energy; director emeritus and past chairman of Island Press; past trustee of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation; MBA (Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School; Lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and two daughters.

Why I believe in protecting land and creating parks: “As people, we need natural places in order to be ourselves. Whether it’s a small city park that provides a quiet refuge from a busy day or a wild landscape with the broad vista to inspire awe, our interactions with nature are made possible by the places we protect for ourselves and for all those who will follow us.”

Why I support Trust for Public Land: “It takes great skill and deep knowledge to provide and protect the natural and special places, small and large, on which we rightly depend for human wellbeing. For 40 years, Trust for Public Land has focused on this important work with an enviable entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to conservation, which benefits us all.”