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Diane Regas

"Thanks to you, millions of people nationwide gained new access to the outdoors."

Through the uncertainty and heartbreak of the past year, Trust for Public Land supporters have rallied around the power of parks to help communities endure challenges and emerge stronger on the other side.

Thanks to you, millions of people nationwide gained new access to the outdoors. From the heart of St. Paul to the wild backcountry of Zion National Park, the places we created and the landscapes we protected together are making a difference right now for communities that have too long been denied access to the benefits of parks, public lands, schoolyards, and trails.

Your commitment to equitable access to the outdoors is already shaping our nation’s vision of its future. Throughout this tumultuous year, national media highlighted the devastating consequences of park disparities during the pandemic. Experts at The Trust for Public Land are helping to make sense of these changes, and to understand how parks can address some of the most pressing threats to health, climate resilience, and equitable prosperity our communities face.

I’ve long known that this organization is made up of smart, savvy professionals. But the pandemic has truly revealed the heart my colleagues pour into their work each and every day. From supporting mutual-aid efforts to pitching in with donations of funding and personal protective equipment, Trust for Public Land staff and volunteers are helping communities endure the pandemic’s overlapping health and economic crises. Meanwhile, whether speaking at a drive-in town meeting in New England or hosting a schoolyard design session with New York public school students over Zoom, we’re adapting to ensure that the voices and needs of the people and communities we serve remain at the center of our mission. When you support The Trust for Public Land, you keep the heart of our work beating strong.

It’s painful to reflect on the losses so many of us have suffered in the past year. But I am grateful for the hope the new year brings—and for your support, which is what makes it all possible.


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Diane Regas
President and CEO
The Trust for Public Land

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