Midway Peace Park

Site of future Griggs Park, St. PaulPhoto credit: TPL Archive

Minneapolis and St. Paul lead the nation in access to parks and open space. But tens of thousands of Twin Cities residents still don't live within a ten-minute walk of a park. Kids growing up in St. Paul's Skyline Tower, for instance, have resorted to playing soccer in the narrow hallways between apartments. This non-profit owned and operated affordable housing complex is home to more than 500 families, many of whom emigrated here from East African countries as refugees. Residents long for a safe place for the community to gather, but the surrounding neighborhood lags far behind the rest of the Twin Cities in access to parks and open space.

But not for long. The Trust for Public Land recently purchased five acres near Skyline Tower and transferred the parcels to the City of St. Paul. In the coming years, we will help guide the community through the process of designing, funding, and building a brand new, much-needed park. The site is within easy reach of the Green Line Light Rail, accessible to the Griggs Bikeway, and close to Gordon Parks High School. Once it's complete, residents of the Midway neighborhood will have a big, beautiful park-with plenty of space to kick a soccer ball-within a ten-minute walk of home.

The Trust for Public Land is proud to partner with the City of St. Paul, the Union Park District Council, the Lexington-Hamline Community Council, and the Wilder Foundation.

Help make this park a reality! Together we can build an accessible, safe, well-designed place for all to play, exercise, and gather!

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