Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt

From vibrant wildflower meadows to pristine creeks, our work will provide access to the scenic beauty of southern Dallas

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Creating parks and trails for all Texans

Ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.

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South Oak Cliff Renaissance Park

From vacant lot to vibrant park

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In Texas, our supporters have helped

preserve 43,165 acres of open space

bring a park or natural area within a 10-minute walk of 134,471 people

complete 138 projects and are actively supporting 10 ongoing projects

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New parks in southern Dallas? “It’s about time!” residents say
Elsewhere in the Dallas metro, creeks are the backbone of well-planned, well-maintained trail networks, peaceful and welcoming amenities connecting neighborhoods. But not in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood with far too little in the way of parks and open space.
Hidden in Dallas, some surprising green gems
Better known for big hair and big hats, the city of Dallas has a park system more on the modest side. But if you know where to look, you’ll find some one-of-a-kind parks in this sprawling Texas metro.
This "dream team" relies on each other to explore the wilderness
Melanie Knecht from Dallas-Forth Worth and Trevor from Fort Collins, CO are adventure buddies. Melanie was born with spina bifida and doesn’t walk and Trevor has glaucoma and lost his sight five years ago. They’ve teamed up to explore the wilderness: when they’re out on trail, Trevor carries Melanie on his back, and Melanie guides Trevor with her voice, directing him where to step and alerting him to upcoming obstacles.

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Support our work in Texas

tx_mcallispoint_08102006_008.jpgA kayaker rows through the reeds enjoying the sunset at McAllis Point, A kayaker rows through the reeds enjoying the sunset at McAllis Point, TX. Galveston Island, 2006, TX, McAllis Point, Natural Lands | Land and Water, Galveston, McAllis Point, Coastal | Recreation, Jim OlivePhoto Credit: Jim Olive

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