Judge Charles R. Rose Community Park

Dallas | Texas

What We Did
Transformed 40 acres of undeveloped land into a community park.

Our Goal
Create an inclusive, welcoming space to bring people together outdoors.

Judge Charles R. Rose Community Park by the Numbers
acres of land protected
residents within a 10-minute walk
colleges within walking distance
The Judge Charles R. Rose Community Park Story
A group of people planting trees in a field.
A Park That Is Coming Up Roses

Dallas is located on the Blackland Prairie, a region known for its rich, dark soil that supports a wide diversity of grasses and wildflowers. The Blackland Prairie is part of the history and heritage of Texas, but unfortunately less than one percent of Black Land Prairie habitat remains in the state due to urbanization and development, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. So, when a rare remnant prairie was found on TPL’s Judge Charles R. Rose Community Park it was a moment to celebrate!

Alongside the community, we are working to restore the park’s Blackland Prairie. By re-seeding and re-planting native vegetation, the park will one day bloom into a place that provides important habit for animals and pollinators. But the benefits of this green place will reach far beyond the biodiversity that inhabits it. The prairie will mitigate the impacts of severe weather like floods, while also sequestering carbon and supplying cleaner air. And as a thriving ecosystem, the prairie provides a beautiful and peaceful park experience without having to travel outside of Dallas. Together, we’re working to restore the disappearing Blackland Prairie, so that more people can experience its benefits and beauty.

Jade Affleck 
Community Conservation Fellow 

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