Creating parks and trails for all Texans

McAllis Point, TexasPhoto credit: JIm Olive

At The Trust for Public Land, we create parks and protect land for people – for you – ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.
We believe people need and deserve access to nature. We believe our work should span cities to wilderness. We believe that when we engage community, we create community. And we believe equity means everyone.
This is how we’re working in Texas to make this vision a reality:

  • Smart Growth for Dallas is the foundation of our work in North Texas. The multi-disciplinary effort uses computer modelling and community engagement to help identify and protect Dallas’s most important natural places, improving the environmental, social, and economic resilience of Dallas. Learn more about how we're using data to protect nature and grow smartly and resiliently in Dallas.
  • Connecting People to Urban Nature: Dallas' Five Mile Creek runs for 15 miles through the hills and valleys of southwest Dallas, draining an approximately 70 square mile area of the city. The watershed is home to some of Dallas’ most iconic natural landscapes, from native blackland prairie to limestone-bottom creeks. We're working with partners to create a new vision for a greenbelt network to protect the watershed, connect the people of Dallas with these heritage landscapes, and to provide a series of parks that will improve the health and well-being of Dallas residents.
  • Protecting Texas' Iconic Landscapes: Protecting the iconic beauty of Texas is the only way to ensure continued enjoyment of the state's incredible natural places. We're working in strategic locations around the state where we know we can use our national strategies and processes to make the most impact for the future of Texans. 

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