Coastal Texas

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In Texas, the nation’s “Third Coast” stretches 367 miles from Louisiana to Mexico and includes the state’s rarest environments. Along the coast are ancient hardwood forests; coastal prairies, barrier islands, bays and wetlands; and bayous that reach deep into the heart of Houston, the nation’s 4th-largest city, and a key port to and producer of much of the nation’s domestic energy.

TPL’s Coastal Protection Program has already conserved more than half of the unique Columbia Bottomlands forest near Brazoria. Our Greenprinting work on Galveston Island predicted the need for the conservation of coastal wetlands and barrier islands well in advance of Hurricane Ike, which made all too clear the need for thoughtful conservation as a means of limiting and redirecting the damage of hurricane-based storm surges. TPL places a special emphasis on our work in and near Houston, insuring that park needs are addressed and included in the projected growth of the region. In nearby Chambers County, for example TPL has completed a Greenprint. Today we continue to actively engage with stakeholders throughout the region as it grows to ensure conservation, parks, and economic growth and stability are considered in whole.

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