New Mexico

In New Mexico, our supporters have helped

preserve 189,160 acres of open space

create a park or natural area within a 10-min walk of 24,920 people

complete 103 projects and are actively supporting 18 ongoing projects

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My Front Yard, Summer (1941)
In New Mexico, mapping Georgia O'Keeffe's legacy on the land
Georgia O’Keeffe traveled and painted all over the world, but for much of her life, the high desert of northern New Mexico was her home. Her paintings of the sculpted badlands, adobe structures, and mountains north of Santa Fe solidified her reputation as one of the 20th century’s most influential artists.
Earthly miracles: preserving a pilgrimage in New Mexico
The road to the village of Chimayo winds through the foothills of New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It’s usually a quiet highway, linking this slow-paced village of adobe houses and rickety toolsheds with the city of Santa Fe 30 miles to the south.
Aerial view of downtown Trinidad and Fishers Peak Ranch
Coming soon: a new state park in southern Colorado
Juan De La Roca was ready to leave Colorado behind. For 25 years, he’d lived, worked, and played in the mountains around Denver and Boulder. But the state’s booming growth was driving up housing prices and snarling traffic, and the once-lonesome trails where De La Roca rode his bike were getting crowded.

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