Tijeras Canyon

Tijeras Canyon featured image

In late 2010, TPL protected 60 acres in Tijeras Canyon, adding the
last piece of unprotected land to a six-mile stretch of public open
space along the Sandia foothills south to the Manzano Mountains.

running water, mature cottonwoods, scenic uplands and dramatic rock
outcroppings, Tijeras Canyon is a little known gem just steps from
historic Route 66 and I-40.
The rare perennial stream and cottonwood bosque make this land a
significant public amenity within sight of the busy I-40 corridor.
Conservation of the property provides much-improved access to the
Manzano/Four Hills Open Space and an important buffer zone in a rapidly
developing area. The canyon, part of the Cañón de Carnué Land Grant,
will become part of the Albuquerque Open Space system.

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