Orilla Verde Access

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Located at the end of a county road, south of Taos and along the Rio Pueblo de Taos, a tributary of the Rio Grande, lies 48.9 acres, which in 2020, we added to the Orilla Verde Recreation Management Areaand the adjacent Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The local terrain is comprised of rugged, wide open mesas and chiseled steep canyons—elevation along the river is 6,100 feet and rises 500 feet at the gorge rim.

Gentle waters with occasional small rapids flow through Orilla Verde, providing an ideal setting for many recreational activities. Fisherman will be excited to learn this addition provides additional access to the Rio Pueblo, a popular fishing spot and site of current river otter re-introductions. With the dramatic changes in elevation and the diversity of plant life, Orilla Verde draws many species of animals, including raptors, waterfowl, cougar,, mule deer, and many more. Bighorn sheep are common visitors to the property and you can watch them descend the cliffs, jumping from boulder to boulder, to get water from the Rio Pueblo. The area has also attracted humans since prehistoric times. Evidence of ancient peoples is found throughout the the Monument in the form of petroglyphs and various other archaeological sites.

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