• Los Angeles park group takes on mutual aid during the pandemic
    Los Angeles park group takes on mutual aid during the pandemic
    Jorge Rivas
  • The Zion Narrows Trail is protected forever
    The Zion Narrows Trail is protected forever
    Flickr user Srini Sundarrajan
  • In Dallas, new ways to move forward amid the coronavirus crisis
    In Dallas, new ways to move forward amid the coronavirus crisis
    Jason Flowers

How we work

From helping raise funds for conservation; to protecting and restoring natural spaces; to collaborating with communities to plan, design, and create parks, playgrounds, gardens, and trails; we work with communities to ensure that development happens for them, and not to them.
Public Land for Public Good

We work with landowners, partner groups, and public agencies to acquire, create access to, and secure public ownership and stewardship of the lands and waters that enhance our nation’s quality of life and make our communities great places to live, work, and play. 

Discover more about our work to protect public lands
10 national parks where we have made a difference
From Ala Kahakai to Zion, explore the landscapes and historic places that have been protected forever as part of our beloved national park system, thanks to our supporters.
A small town’s future grows with its forest
The residents of Randolph, New Hampshire, took community ownership of their forest over 20 years ago. See how this experiment in public land management has paid dividends for community health and opportunity ever since.
CA_Martis Valley_07182006_015.jpg
Millions of acres of public land are blocked by private property.
Throughout the West, nearly 16 million acres owned by the American people and managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and state governments are inaccessible to the taxpayers who fund their maintenance. We’re changing that.
Park Creation and Transformation

We work in partnership with youth and community members, equitable development entities, schools, landscape architects, designers, and builders to create parks that reflect and serve local communities and connect people to nature and to each other.

Recent park transformation stories
A greener future for Atlanta’s west side
In the wake of a neighborhood tragedy, can this new park help its community rebuild?
New murals bring form and function to the fight for climate justice in Denver
We’re working alongside local artists to come up with creative solutions to some of the city’s most significant challenges.
Neighborhood activist Taylor Toynes on parks and community power
“We emphasize building capacity within the community and involving the community intentionally. This neighborhood is a resilient place and our people have been fighting for equality for a long time.”
Data and Insight

We work with government agencies and decisionmakers to pinpoint the greatest opportunities to bring nature to the communities that need it most, using GIS mapping, spatial analyses, and insights derived from applied expertise. 

Dive into our data and insights
Just released: new data spurs movement to close the park equity divide
There's a major divide between who does and doesn't have access to the outdoors, with the greatest disparities falling across racial and economic lines.
The hazards of park disparities during heat waves
Our data scientists discovered that neighborhoods with a park nearby are up to 6 degrees cooler than those that don’t have a park within a half-mile.
Outdoor recreation access in Pennsylvania
GIS data helped the State of Pennsylvania identify who has access to the state’s parks, trails, public lands, lakes, rivers, and marine waters.

We work with elected officials, thought leaders, and communities to mobilize support for critical bills and policies to advance parks and public lands for people.

See how we're shaping policy
Saving the Land and Water Conservation Fund
Behind the 30-year fight to secure America’s most important parks program—and how Trust for Public Land supporters made all the difference.
Park advocates and the outdoor industry are teaming up for public lands
As American families grapple with widening economic disparities, we’re leading a group of 300 organizations pushing for the Parks, Jobs, and Equity Act, which could save 100,000 at-risk seasonal jobs or create 8,000 new ones, while generating $1.37 billion in economic activity.
Five women leaders championing parks and public lands in Washington, DC
We’re fortunate to work with leaders at every level of government who believe in the power of parks and public lands to make Americans’ lives better. Meet five women leaders, from both sides of the aisle, whose commitment to parks and public lands is making a difference in communities across the country.
Funding and Leverage

We work with cities, states, counties, and communities to pass ballot measures and create and unlock public funding for parks and open space. To date, we’ve generated over $83 billion for park creation and land protection, leveraging donations to achieve a return of $2,000 in public funds for every $1 donated.

Learn more about our efforts to unlock public funds
South Chickamauga Creek Greenway
On Election Day, voters overwhelmingly backed parks and open spaces
This overwhelming success, powered by voters of all political persuasions, shows how our common commitment to public land can help bridge the divides in our nation.
Public funding for the Cannon River
In Minnesota, voter-backed public funding has helped create public access to thousands of acres of open space within a short drive of the bustling Twin Cities metro area.
Story Mill
Inside Bozeman’s amazing new park
Montanans are embracing a great new city park created with funding generated by a 2012 ballot measure that passed with flying colors.
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