Trails Are Where Communities Come Together
Trails Are Where Communities Come Together
Trails Connect Us

Trails are where communities come together. In an ever more disconnected world, trails are where joggers and cyclists share routes with dog walkers and hiking families, where plants and wildlife flourish, and where we all feel a little more at ease as we breathe the fresh air. We’re connecting over 3 million people to 1,000 miles of trails across the country, bringing them closer to nature and each other.

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Pathways to a Better Future

Investing in great trails helps rural communities make the transition from timber, mining, and agriculture to a more diverse economy with greater community vibrancy. Recreation infrastructure attracts new businesses and workforces, and connects youth to the outdoors.

And well-designed urban trail systems enable communities be more climate resilient by providing alternative modes of transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also increasing their green infrastructure.

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You can help connect people to nature by sending a letter to your members of Congress today in support of three bills that will expand our country’s trails and access to nature—the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Advancement Act (S.1222/H.R.2551), the Continental Divide Trail Completion Act (H.R.5118), and the Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act (H.R.463).

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