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Good news: Androscoggin, at last!

Androscoggin Headwaters, New HampshireConservationists worked for years to protect the headwaters of the Androscoggin River.Photo credit: Jerry and Marcy Monkman

In New Hampshire, conservationists of all kinds are celebrating the resolution of a six-year effort to safeguard the forests and streams of the vast Androscoggin Headwaters. The agreement with Plum Creek Timber last month completes the permanent protection of more than 30,000 acres. It’s the third-largest such deal in the state’s history.

The same tranquil beauty that lures adventurous fishermen, paddlers, and hikers has long made the region attractive to private buyers seeking sites for second homes. The conservation deal will shield the property from development while ensuring the majority of the land remains open to public recreation and sustainable timber harvesting—both critical to the local economy.

Androscoggin Headwaters, New HampshireMisty morning on a trout pond near Errol, New Hampshire.Photo credit: Jerry and Marcy Monkman

"It was important to strike a balance between conservation of critical wildlife habitat and ensuring continuation of jobs associated with managing the many forest resources on the land," says The Trust for Public Land’s Rodger Krussman. "Our mission is to protect land for people, and this project is a great example."


Thank you for protecting one of the most beautiful areas in NH.
Ralph Basner
Wonderful news! As a kid I learned the basics of fly fishing, a life long passion, along the banks of the mighty Androscoggin. It warms my heart to know this beautiful area will be preserved. Thank you TPL! (Ralph Basner, Palmer, Alaska)
Doug Grant
Also, Portland Pipeline is now required to have a spill mitigation plan (NH SB 325), at least in NH. The pipeline traverses the Moose River which empties into the Androscoggin in Gorham. A plan may not help if there is a spill but it can't hurt.

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