Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt

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Winding through the hills and valleys of southwest Dallas, Five Mile Creek's 70-square mile watershed includes blackland prairie, limestone creeks, old-growth forests, and wildflower meadows, yet many of these natural features are inaccessible and disconnected from the city's parks and trails - until now. 

Throughout 2018, The Trust for Public Land collaborated with hundreds of local residents to develop a bold vision for a network of parks and trails along Five Mile Creek and its many tributaries that will provide opportunities for residents to hike, bike, play, exercise, learn, and enjoy this natural bounty in the heart of Dallas. The Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt lays the foundation for 23 miles of new trails, 500+ acres of nature parks, and the comprehensive revitalization of this unique natural asset. 

Of the 186,297 people living within the creek's watershed, only 54% have access to a park or trail within a 10-minute walk of home. The majority of area households are low-income, and significant health disparities impact residents, specifically asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. By expanding park and trail access to impacted neighborhoods, the Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt will directly improve health, education, and the environment, and play a foundational role in the equitable development of Southern Dallas. Our work on the greenbelt is already underway, and we need your help.

With Southern Dallas undergoing extensive development and growth, The Trust for Public Land has a time-sensitive opportunity to implement the Five Mile Creek vision of a healthy and connected region through new parks and trails. Our goal is to serve as a neighborhood partner, champion, and solution for realizing the community’s vision for a park and trail network. We are committed to cleaning and greening the Five Mile Creek watershed, improving safety, outdoor education opportunities, public health, and social cohesion for one of Dallas’s highest-need neighborhoods.

Five Mile Creek ProjectPhoto credit: TPL Staff

Over the next three years, The Trust for Public Land will develop two initial projects within the Greenbelt: the 1.8-acre Alice Branch Health and Wellness Park & Trail near South Oak Cliff High School, and the 40-Judge Charles Rose, Sr. Park near Paul Quinn College. As the first phase of the Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt, these two projects will demonstrate the power of close to home parks improve the quality of life for nearby residents and the greater North Texas region. 

Get involved! To learn how to support The Trust for Public Land and the Five Mile Creek Urban Greenbelt, contact [email protected].

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