Historic sites


Desolation Wilderness in eastern California is one of the most visited wilderness areas in the country. It’s easy to see why: a big, rugged expanse of sun-baked Sierra granite, twisted pines, and placid mountain lakes, Desolation welcomes hikers, backpackers, and climbers hungry for an escape....


The Perseid meteor shower in mid-August is among the most anticipated astronomical events of the year. During its peak, skywatchers can expect to see 50 or more shooting stars per hour.

Of course, how much of that display you can actually see depends on where you are. For the best chance...


The road to the village of Chimayo winds through the foothills of New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It’s usually a quiet highway, linking this slow-paced village of adobe houses and rickety toolsheds with the city of Santa Fe 30 miles to the south.

But once a year, in the week...


Residents of Stonington, Connecticut, fought a long campaign to conserve Coogan Farm—a peaceful, rural property on the banks of the Mystic River. Once the land was successfully protected in 2013,...


He punawai kahe wale ke aloha.
Love is a spring that flows freely.
 Hawaiian proverb

Chris Cramer was finishing another day’s work at the edge of Kanewai Spring when he first heard the sound of water. It...

Public Lands Rally

Public lands need your help now more than ever. With your help, The Trust for Public Land has saved over 3.6 million acres of public land, and completed more than 5,400 park and community projects across the county.


Martin Luther King Jr. was once just a kid—a bright, studious boy, but not too serious to chase his sisters around the backyard of the family home, a tidy Victorian at 501 Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. Before he became a leader of the civil rights movement, he shared a bedroom with his younger...

Press release

We urge the Senate to continue its work and ensure that the Land and Water Conservation Fund is permanently reauthorized.

Our public lands not only make our communities healthier and happier, but are also a driver of economic growth across the country - and today’s action in the U.S. Senate is a big step forward to providing access to public lands for hunters, fishermen, hikers, bikers, birders and all those who love the outdoors.

Photo of MA‘O Organic Farms

Almost daily, Hawai'i media lament the lack of food security should a disaster strike, while concurrently discussing a new real estate development project, oftentimes on historical agricultural land. Suitable parcels for agriculture are increasingly difficult to find because of competition from development interests and speculators.


Imagine you’re visiting Colorado Springs—not today, but more than 66 million years ago. Instead of the high, arid plain you’ll find there now, you’d walk beneath the dark canopy of a rainforest, among giant ferns and big rivers charging off the slopes of the brand-new Rocky Mountains. You might...