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Happy National Trails Day!

National Trails DayPhoto credit: Mandy Rhoden

National Trails Day is this Saturday, June 7th. If you’re lucky, you're heading to the woods to enjoy a celebratory hike—or even better, a volunteer event. But what about city folk?

The good news is that many cities are investing in innovative urban trails to keep their residents healthy, happy, and connected to nature. Even some of the most densely populated metro areas in America now boast great opportunities to hit the trail right in town—and there are more amazing places in the making.

The Trust for Public Land is hard at work on creating more urban trails—from New York City's QueensWay to Chicago’s 606. Got your own vision for the trails of the future? Tell us about it in the comments. 

And while you're out celebrating this weekend, whether on a trail in the city or on a far flung mountaintop, be sure to share snapshots of your adventures in the #OurLand community gallery. Happy National Trails Day!




Jason Sandman
Hi! I'm a graduate researcher analyzing urban trails as tools for preventable medicine. Would the author of this article be interested in chatting to discuss research/case studies/best practices, etc.? My email address is
The Trust for P...
Thanks for the comment, Jason! What a great line of research. We encourage you to check out The Trust for Public Land's Center for City Park Excellence ( — the leading national source of new research and information on urban parks. That's a great place to find information and connect with experts.

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