The 606

Design schematic for The 606 in Chicago
Design schematic for The 606

The 606 is an innovative project on Chicago's Northwest side that will transform nearly three miles of unused rail line into the elevated Bloomingdale Trail, which will be linked to six ground-level neighborhood parks. When complete, it will also feature an observatory, skate park, art installations, educational programming, and other amenities.

The park and trail system is named for the 606 zip code prefix all Chicagoans share. Set above city streets, it will serve as a new way to explore Chicago on trails for biking, running, and strolling. The 606 also connects parks, people, and communities: what once physically separated four neighborhoods now will knit them together through an education program in partnership with the more than 20 nearby schools.

As lead partner, we're involved with all aspects of the project: acquiring land, raising funds, overseeing community participation and design competitions, and coordinating the efforts of other organizations and agencies. A series of community meetings and design workshops with neighbors, local leaders, and designers led to an exciting framework. A team of landscape architects, engineers, and a lead artist took this creative thinking and developed the final park design to reflect the community’s desires and needs and celebrate local cultures.

We are proud to host Trail Mix: lively activity-filled events for families and conversations with experts about history, design, and construction.

The trail and four of the ground-level parks will open to the public in June 2015. You can find more information in the The 606 FAQ.

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