Could you pass the canoe test?

By Trust for Public Land
Published September 29, 2014

Could you pass the canoe test?

Canoeing solo is one thing, but getting on the river with a friend has its own set of challenges. Even a little mix-up can send you spinning in circles—or worse, for an unexpected swim! Work together, though, and you’ll glide across the water with grace. That’s why many paddlers say a good relationship is one that passes the “canoe test.”

At The Trust for Public Land, we’re grateful to have supporters who ace the test every time. Some of them joined us on the St. Croix River last month for a hike, paddle, and celebration of our latest success in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. After a whirlwind summer of conservation work, it was the perfect opportunity to pause and appreciate our friends—as well as a landscape we all love.

The forests and waters of the Upper Midwest are as critical to the region’s identity as they are to its water, wildlife, and economy. We’ve protected more than 200,000 acres across the Northwoods—all by working together with communities, landowners, and people like you. To support our continued work in the Northwoods and across the country, please donate today.

It’s good to have you on our team. We’ll see you on the water!


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