Add B. Anderson School

Photo of current school yard conditions and kids designing and drawing pictures

In 2017, a science teacher from West Philadelphia's K- 8 Add B. Anderson School saw what The Trust for Public Land was doing across Philadelphia and worked with Anderson's principal to identify the school as a high priority site for a new schoolyard. The Add B. Anderson School community uses the current asphalt schoolyard for a variety of activities including morning greeting, recess, and participation in the Harlem Lacrosse mentorship program. An upgraded schoolyard will give the 480 students, and the 9,500 people within a 10-minute walk of Anderson, a quality play space in which to exercise, grow, and learn.

The Trust for Public Land is also working with the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Water Department to evaluate potential stormwater management practices for the 1.4-acre schoolyard lot. Since Anderson's basement frequently floods during heavy rainfall, directing stormwater away from the building is an important priority for the schoolyard design.

We are currently leading a 14-week participatory design class where we work with community members, students, and staff at Add B. Anderson to design the best schoolyard for their needs. Since many students have parents and grandparents who also attended Anderson, we look forward to creating a beautiful, green, and playful learning space for the Cobb's Creek community to enjoy for generations to come.

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