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In many ways, the story of the Swimmo is the backdrop to the story of Betty Adams’ life.

How could it not be? The swimming pool on Montgomery Avenue in Fishtown and the rec center across the street and library next door have long been the center of community life in this corner of the River Wards. “The spot,” Betty says.


In Cleveland, planting trees is the first step of a long journey to create welcoming green space in a public housing community. In Chicago, a dilapidated mini golf course is being reimagined as fields of opportunity. And in Boston, a neighborhood is ready to tear down the wall that separates...


Here’s a trend that ought to set some tails wagging: since The Trust for Public Land first started keeping track in 2009, the number of dedicated dog parks in the United States has grown by over 70 percent. Today, 810 dog parks are scattered around the 100 largest cities.

One of our...


Behind every spruced-up playground, every picnic-bench lunch spot, and every mile of greenway are dedicated people who put their time, skills, and passion into making their neighborhoods better places to live. As The Trust for Public Land works to put a park within a...


Whether you like it, hate it, or still don’t quite understand what it is, the Green New Deal has emerged as one of the most talked-about policies of the 116th Congress. The legislation has made headlines with ambitious goals to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030—goals that, as...

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With snow still on the ground and temperatures well below freezing, the last place anyone wanted to be on Thursday was in a park. The adverse weather conditions, however, didn't stop city officials, led by Mayor Andre Sayegh, from gathering in Lou Costello Park to announce Paterson's entry into a national campaign to expand access to parks across the city.

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Placemaking—the process of creating quality places that people want to live, work, play and learn in, is transforming public spaces into vibrant areas that celebrate culture and increase accessibility. The Trust for Public Land and the City of Atlanta are working with residents to transform excess concrete and asphalt into vibrant community spaces through placemaking.

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The Trust for Public Land is helping residents of Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood transform a prominently situated vacant lot into a new park, through a partnership with the Boston Parks & Recreation Department and Boston Department of Neighborhood Development.

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In 2017, Atlanta’s Department of City Planning decided to create a Placemaking program to empower communities and champion improved streets and streetscapes. Recognizing our national leadership in creative placemaking, they asked us to partner with them to set the program on a successful course and provide expertise to lead the program in future years.

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Mayor Ganim will join The Trust for Public Land (TPL), students from Jettie S. Tisdale School and the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 10:30AM to cut the ribbon on the newly revitalized East End Park and Playground at Johnson Oak Park and Tisdale School Grounds, 250 Hollister Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06607. To the joy of local residents, Johnson Oak Park and the adjacent grounds of Jettie S. Tisdale School will re-open after a complete restoration by the City of Bridgeport and The TPL, in partnership with the East End NRZ. Originally envisioned by the East End NRZ, the new design for the long-underutilized park space takes into consideration input from East End residents and Tisdale students.