America’s schoolyards are
packed with potential.

Help us unlock it.

Parks are essential for healthy, equitable communities, but across America, 100 million people—including 28 million kids—don’t have a park close to home.  

We have a common-sense, cost-effective solution: Turn existing schoolyards into shared outdoor spaces. Public school districts own two million acres in America. Transforming them all into Community Schoolyards™ spaces would create access to the outdoors for 20 million people.   

We’re working to close our nation’s park equity gap, one schoolyard at a time, but we need your help.

Raise your hand if you believe Congress must provide the funding our nation needs to transform barren public schoolyards into vibrant community parks.  


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Why sign the pledge? 

America’s schoolyards need our support. That’s why we are pushing for federal funding for Community Schoolyards™ projects and continuing our work across the country to transform asphalt schoolyards into vibrant parks for kids and their nearby communities. These urgently needed transformations of public schoolyards will bring significant health and educational benefits to students and communities while closing the park equity gap.  

Access to the outdoors is essential for healthy, happy people and communities. But not everyone in America has a quality park close to home. In fact,   

  • In our biggest cities, residents of neighborhoods of color have access to 44 percent less park space per person than those of white neighborhoods.   
  • Communities with less park space are hotter in summer, have worse air quality, and are more susceptible to catastrophic flooding.   
  • People without parks close to home get less exercise. Lack of access to parks is associated with higher rates of heart disease, stroke, and obesity.   

Thankfully, there’s a common-sense, cost-effective solution in almost every community: the local schoolyard.

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