Blog Entries by The Trust for Public Land

Nine years ago this week, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, opening a hole on the seafloor that nobody knew how to plug.

In Cleveland, planting trees is the first step of a long journey to create welcoming green space in a public housing community. In Chicago, a dilapidated mini golf course is being reimagined as fields of opportunity.

Ever watch the Olympics on TV? You notice how nervous tension builds before a race: In the moments just before the starting gun, the camera pans across the resolute faces of the athletes arranged on the line, taking big deep breaths to steady themselves. “On your mark …” and stillness descends.

Here’s a trend that ought to set some tails wagging: since The Trust for Public Land first started keeping track in 2009, the number of dedicated dog parks in the United States has grown by over 70 percent. Today, 810 dog parks are scattered around the 100 largest cities.

Behind every spruced-up playground, every picnic-bench lunch spot, and every mile of greenway are dedicated people who put their time, skills, and passion into making their neighborhoods better places to live.