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In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, life moves only as fast as you can paddle your boat.

It’s not easy to get into rock climbing. Starting out means building strength, mastering knots, and—for some of us, anyway—conquering a fear of heights. But for many would-be climbers, the hardest part isn’t technical know-how or tricky moves: it’s just getting to the wall.

For artist Daniela Rivera, every walk through Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood is a sonic adventure. “In a few blocks you’ll hear people speaking with all kinds of accents, you’ll hear music and languages from across Latin America, Jamaica, and the United States,” she says.

The forested slopes of Cougar Mountain are a comforting backdrop to daily life in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah. Hitting the trail for an hour after work or a long weekend ramble through the 3,000-acre Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is part of the routine here, a given, a fact of life.

This year, Clevelanders commemorated the 50th anniversary of the day the Cuyahoga River—which runs through the heart of the city—caught fire.