Blog Entries by The Trust for Public Land

For decades, residents of Chattanooga’s Oak Grove neighborhood have made the most of the forgotten space on Lynnbrook Avenue. It’s not much to look at—a vacant asphalt lot and an empty field, cut by a concrete ditch, shaded by a few big old broadleaf trees.

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Laurie and Andrea Kass are on a mission. The mother-daughter duo from Marquette, Michigan, aim to hike at least 100 miles on the North Country Trail this year. “When we first started hiking together a few years ago, Andrea could go maybe a half-mile—a mile, tops,” says Laurie.

The Trust for Public Land’s 2019 ParkScore® rankings are out today, and there’s a big shake-up at the top! Washington, DC, climbed into first place, unseating perennial champion Minneapolis, thanks to DC’s improvements in park amenities like basketball hoops, dog parks, and bathrooms.

Public lands advocates like you helped score a big victory for parks and open space this spring, when the President signed a bill to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).