Sing it! What’s on your playlist?

By Trust for Public Land
Published April 24, 2015

Sing it! What’s on your playlist?

We wish we never had to drive to get to the trailhead, but sometimes it’s got to be done. At least you can turn the music up on the way there! This week we asked our friends on Facebook what they listen to to set the mood for a spring hike. We expected a lot of that “500 miles song” by the Proclaimers … but the answers had more variety than we expected. Here’s a sampling:

1. Rocky Mountain High—John Denver

Tammy P. wrote, “Just about any John Denver Song makes me itch to hit a trail.” We agree … but our team working to protect the stunning landscapes of Colorado would never forgive us if we didn’t go with “Rocky Mountain High.”

2. Happy—Pharrell Williams 

Lots of people nominated this one. Frances C. wrote, “Love all the suggestions for songs, but ‘Happy’ sums up my feelings. I am happy when I am outside and happier when in a natural area.” Yes! This one makes us want to dance all the way to the summit.

3. Born to Be Wild—Steppenwolf

“I have always favored Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to Be WILD!'” says Rick D. “And ‘wild’ can be on foot, on a bicycle, or just in your mind.” Remember that last part if you’re stuck sitting in traffic on your way to that sweet hiking spot.

4. Send Me On My Way—Rusted Root

Ok, we’re not totally sure what they’re saying in these lyrics … but that just means you can sing whatever you want. Just like birdsong, right?

5. (Staff pick) My Sun—Mona & Maria

A little mellower, but it really does sound like the sun coming up. This is our pick for getting ready for a dawn-patrol trail run (the pre-coffee stage, of course).

Here’s all five songs in a Spotify playlist. Did we miss your favorite? Leave us a comment and tell us what you like to listen to on the way to the park!



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