A record-breaking day at the polls

By Trust for Public Land
Published November 5, 2014

A record-breaking day at the polls

Election day saw contentious races across the country, but there’s one thing we seem to agree on: protecting the places too special to lose. From coast to coast, voters approved record-breaking investments in parks, open space, and the health of our land and water.

  • In Florida, a constitutional amendment setting aside funds for conservation is the largest such measure ever passed by any state.
  • A landslide win in New Jersey dedicates more than $2 billion  in corporate taxes for land conservation.
  • California saw approval of the first new state funding for land conservation since 2006.
  • Voters in Maine passed a $10 million bond to protect water sources, fisheries, and wildlife habitat.

In a tough economy, results like this might seem surprising. But Trust for Public Land President Will Rogers says Americans of all political stripes are willing to make natural resources a priority.

“For more than 20 years, The Trust for Public Land has seen that support from Democratic, Republican, and independent voters alike.  Whether voters are ‘red’ or ‘blue,’ they are both ‘green’—and they are willing to vote with their pocketbooks to protect special places.”

Curious how proposals like these get on the ballot? Check out this video to learn how The Trust for Public Land’s Conservation Finance service helps take conservation questions straight to the voters.



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