As real as it gets: time travel on a Georgia battlefield

By Trust for Public Land
Published June 11, 2014

As real as it gets: time travel on a Georgia battlefield

Once a year, the hills of Resaca, Georgia, ring with the sound of cannon-fire as hard-charging history buffs recreate scenes from the Civil War.

Fought in 1864, the Battle of Resaca is one many people know only from textbooks. But even if you couldn't tell a blockade from a bivouac, the reenactment here is well worth watching: it's part camping trip, part museum, part movie-set—and totally entertaining.

The Resaca reenactment is one of only a handful held on the original site, hallowed ground conserved with help from The Trust for Public Land. On the 150th anniversary of the battle, we stopped by for a little time travel—and shoe shopping!

From battlefields to historic homes, The Trust for Public Land helps communities around the country preserve the places that provide a tangible connection to the past—and remind us of who we are as a people. Your support helps make it happen: thank you!

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