Raise a glass to The 606!

By Trust for Public Land
Published April 24, 2014

Raise a glass to The 606!

Good news for those thirsty for more park space—or just plain thirsty: Goose Island Beer Company is donating a portion of proceeds from their delicious Green Line Pale Ale to our work on The 606, Chicago’s next great park.

The Trust for Public Land is leading the effort to transform nearly three miles of unused railway on Chicago’s Northwest side into a world-class elevated greenway. When complete, The 606 will connect to new neighborhood parks and fun features like custom art installations and a skate park.

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The exclusive Green Line Pale Ale is available only on draft in the Chicago area. Locals can get a taste at Goose Island's 606 celebration event on April 30, a benefit for The Trust for Public Land. The tasty brew's more honey-hued than green, of course, but it earns its name with an environmentally conscious manufacturing strategy that cuts carbon emissions and packaging waste. 

“Green Line Pale Ale has been a huge hit in Chicagoland and fans can feel good knowing the beer will make an even bigger impact on the city we love as well as the local environment,” says Goose Island Brewmaster Brett Porter. “We’re excited about the partnership with The Trust for Public Land and can’t wait to see The 606, and other projects, come to fruition.”

Cheers to that!

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