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#OurLand: "We are at a moment of consequence."


For all their reputation as free spirits, climbers talk a lot about commitment. From local crags to the big walls of Yosemite, you'll hear the word used to describe the do-or-die feeling on a challenging route—the moment of resolve to make a move with all your strength and risk the fall if you miss the mark.

For Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond Equipment, it's a concept that carries over from the sport of climbing to the conservation of the public lands that make it possible. Since co-founding the company in 1989, he's witnessed pivotal moments in the growth of the outdoor industry from a few upstart innovators to a $640-billion-a-year economic engine. 

Metcalf believes we've arrived at one of those turning points for outdoor recreation.

"Today our public lands are under attack," he says. "We are at a moment of consequence. We need to display creativity and resolve and band together if we hope to preserve and keep our canyons, rivers, and crags both wild and open for human-powered recreation."

Icicle CanyonPreparing to commit at Icicle Canyon in Wenatchee, Washington—protected with help from The Trust for Public Land.Photo credit: Gordon Congdon

From Metcalf's perspective, the future of our public lands is an issue for everyone—whether you're among the 6 million Americans employed in outdoor recreation, or the millions more who want the opportunity to push their limits on a tough climb, unwind in a Blue Ribbon trout stream, or (like him) start the day right on a close-to-home trail.

"If the U.S. government ever decided to transfer or sell off the federal lands, it would be absolutely devastating," Metcalf says. "Not only to the outdoor industry, but to the quality of life of the vast majority of Americans."

We agree. We hope you'll join Peter Metcalf, Black Diamond, and The Trust for Public Land in calling on elected officials to honor their commitment to our shared natural resources. The critical Land and Water Conservation Fund is up for renewal in September: learn more about how it works, and what you can do to help it survive


Sandra Holtzmuller
These public lands should be preserved for all for all time!
D Lynn Collier
There is a sense of loss just watching the wild areas between small towns fill in with row upon row of houses and strips of business. I want to cry when they "develop" big centers on lakes that also add business and more housing. These federally protected lands are hope that far into the future you can still get away from it all and commune with the wondrous nature of this earth. They are the promise to wildlife that we will not take all their habitats. These lands were established thoughtfully with the understandings. that nature is important. We must protect the lands for the future.
Shari Tate
Please continue to protect this valuable resource for the people of the Untied States.
Marcy, Phoenix-AZ
Beautiful video and inspiring message. We must fight any corporation or unlawful rule or regulation that doesn't preserve our wild land, our waters, rivers, streams and clean air. Our humanity depends on these. Thank you TPL

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