#OurLand: Ryan Van Duzer has a question for you

By Trust for Public Land
Published January 29, 2015

#OurLand: Ryan Van Duzer has a question for you


“Have you ever had a bad day from being outside?”

Not likely, says Colorado native Ryan Van Duzer. His work as a videojournalist has taken him all over the world: he’s been a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras and trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, toured the spice markets of Istanbul and even tried his hand at gladiator fighting in Rome. But as you can hear in his #OurLand message, Ryan’s still pretty stoked on nature close to home—the local parks and trails, gardens and greenways where people can get outside on a regular basis. 

“’Every day is an adventure’ is my philosophy for life,” he says. “It can be as simple as hiking the hills behind my house—to riding my bicycle across a continent. I simply love to be outside, enjoying mother nature and pushing my limits.”

That’s why #OurLand matters to Ryan—what about you? Share your story at tpl.org/ourland and help us make the case for parks and open space across the country.

And as Ryan says: “Get out there!”

You can follow Ryan’s adventures on Instagram at @duzer—and ours at @trustforpublicland
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