One month at The Trust for Public Land: October 2013

By Trust for Public Land
Published November 26, 2013

One month at The Trust for Public Land: October 2013

When we took stock of the work The Trust for Public Land completed last month, we were amazed at the range of special places our members helped us to protect. In October, you helped us …

… bring outdoor fitness equipment to city parks in Denver.

In communities where indoor gyms are too far away or too expensive, a Trust for Public Land Fitness Zone® exercise area can provide an easy way to get active—for free. Our Fitness Zones are thriving in cities like Los Angeles and Miami: in October, they debuted in Denver, too. 

… preserve the hallowed ground of a Civil War battlefield. 

Thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives at Georgia’s Kennesaw Mountain—a place whose history still feels close at hand. We added a key site to the National Battlefield Park, just in time for 150th anniversary of the battle next year.

… provide access to an island refuge. 

Walk the white-sand beaches of St. Vincent National Wildlife Reserve in Florida and you might catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, green sea turtle, or even an endangered red wolf. But you’ll have to get across the St. Vincent Sound, first: that’s why last month we helped protect boat access to the park.

… help keep a family ranch in business.

The Campbell Ranch is a working cattle operation in the heart of Colorado ranch country. This rich land also shelters wildlife—from elk to black bears and lynx. A conservation easement now protects more than 600 acres of the property from development.

… design custom school playgrounds—with the kids who’ll use them.

In New York City, we’re turning public schools’ uninviting asphalt lots into green playgrounds that make recess fun—and help the city manage its stormwater, too. Last month we worked with students and neighbors of P.S. 65K and JHS 218 in Brooklyn to design the playgrounds of their dreams.


From city parks to the open range, what all these places have in common is that they’re special to the communities they serve. We couldn’t do work like this without member support. Thank you! 


Create Climate-Smart Schoolyards

Rising temperatures, bigger storms, and asphalt schoolyards pose significant risks during recess. Urge Congress to prioritize schoolyards that cool neighborhoods, manage stormwater, and provide opportunities for kids to connect with nature today!

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