Peel-away of old TPL logo revealing new logo
We have a refreshed look, but our mission hasn't changed.
Trust for Public Land

New look, same great mission

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Today, we're unveiling a new look. But this is no overnight makeover. It's the culmination of a thoughtful and strategic process—more than 18 months in the making—driven by research and input from a broad spectrum of volunteers, supporters, staff, outdoor enthusiasts, and outside experts. This brand refresh honors our past and captures our ambitious vision for the future.

To be sure, while our look has changed, our mission and our values remain the same. We're doubling down.

That's because the work we've always done is now more important than ever.

Decades of neglect and injustice have left too many communities behind and without quality places to get outdoors. Our data show that 100 million people in the U.S., including 28 million children, don't have access to a quality park within a 10-minute walk of home.

Even more alarming is that people in communities of color and low-income communities have over 40 percent less park space compared to white and higher-income communities. And many rural communities—often surrounded by private property—have too few shared spaces where people can connect to nature and each other.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated all of these long-standing disparities, it also underscored the value of quality parks as cost-effective means for improving physical and mental health, climate resilience, and financial sustainability in our most marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Right now, state, local, and federal governments are looking to invest unprecedented amounts of funding in order to rebuild and revitalize. They're eyeing resources and infrastructure that deliver social, economic, and environmental returns. For that reason and so many more, now is the perfect time—the opportune moment—for us to do even more to ensure that every person, in every community, is connected to the outdoors. The resources are there; the opportunity to work with communities is there. There has never been a more important time for us to step up. We have an ambitious plan to meet this moment, and we need even more people supporting us to achieve our vision.

So much of what is special about TPL is the people, like you, who have made our mission possible. Our exciting research shows that millions more people in the U.S. agree that everyone needs access to nature. Working together, we will all benefit, and that's why we are determined to reach even more people and more communities to support their unique local vision for connecting to the outdoors.

As we head into our second half century, we want TPL to be known for the diverse communities we have always served, the wonderful places we have helped create, and the values that drive us forward. We want to share what we know for sure: time outside and in parks contributes to health, happiness, and connection.

As we have for nearly 50 years, TPL will continue working to connect everyone to the benefits and joys of the outdoors by creating parks and outdoor spaces where they're needed most. We already know that you share this belief. We urge you to continue your support, which has been and will continue to be the foundation of our work.

Diane Regas is president and CEO of Trust for Public Land.


Beautiful rebrand for such a worthy mission! Can I ask who did the refresh?
alan french
You have done and continue to do good work. I do feel that while the problems you try to address are nation-wide, and your reach is nation-wide, you could do more to tailor your operational strategy and tactics to regional variations.
Suby T. Bowden
Thank you Diane for leading TPL an organization I admire greatly !! Suby
Sueli Aparecida...
Kim Kensler-Prager
Thank you for everything you have done.
Irma Lopez
Es maravilloso ver como las familias son beneficiadas con todos los proyectos que se ejecutan. Como la remodelación de los callejones etc
lisa cashdan
Video is terrific.
Bob Gillespie
Thanks for doing such important work.
I really like your new look & greatly appreciate the work you do.
Kayan Iva Eplett
Thank you for all the work you do and all that you stand for. I really like the new design too.
Robert Farnsworth
Don't get the new logo. This organization is For Public Lands not Trust Public Lands. Misses the point. Shield looks very dated.
Roberta Kohut
I like the new logo and definitely like the work you do. Our daughter works for TPL and has for several years, so we have known of the value of the work done by so many engaged with TPL. Keep up the wonderful work.
Sherry Berman
Love the new video and logo. Just posted on FB to make others aware. I already receive your emails and donate every time I use Paypal (which by the way is a great set up). Hope you can do that with Venmo. I try to donate in other areas you need help in. I am hoping to get better this year in giving you guys more money.
Rick Newton
I've never been a fan of non-profits changing their logo / marketing materials. It seems like a waste of time and donor money that could have been spent on projects. 18 months??? - really? How much funding was spent on this (including throwing away envelopes / stationery / wasted time updating webpages and existing documents / clothing etc.)? Seems like TPL just changed their logo not long ago. So far I've seen two versions of the new one - one on the facebook profile photo and one on the webpage. Hopefully it is the latter.
Steve Irza
As a traditionalist and ex-employee, I LOVED the old logo. I can accept change, but TPL was/is a wonderful place to work, and that old logo symbolized it for me.
Sherry Salcido
Thank you
Your new logo looks beautiful! And a little like Green Foothills’ new logo launched in 2020…

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